Saturday, June 18, 2016

¡Incapirca Excursion!

What an amazing day!  The day started with us traveling to Comjitambo.  There, we started to hike up the mountain.  It is funny because I learned that I am not in the best of shape today.  My legs were on fire after hiking that mountain.  However, we made it to the top!  As we were coming back down, we noticed that people were setting up for a festival.  This festival was for the annual equinox.  There was food, drinks, festivities, and much more.  I wanted to stay, but it was time to move to the next adventure.  Afterwards, we traveled to Incapirca to see ANCIENT Inca Ruins.  We learned a lot about the Inca History and their traumatic fall.  For example, The Incan Empire fell because of four reasons: there was a fractured empire; Atahualpa, the leader at the time, saw the Conquistadors as friends, not enemies; there was a divide between the indigenous people because some people wanted Huascar as a leader, and finally, there was many illnesses.  Other than my educational experience, there were many festivities.  There were traditional Ecuadorian dances, people cooking food, and people selling art and clothes.  I had a great time and I really enjoyed myself.  On to another excursion tomorrow!

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