Saturday, June 11, 2016

¡Las Excursiones de Cuenca, Ecuador!

My first week in Cuenca, Ecuador is almost over! However, the last two days have been a blast! On Friday, Dr. Segle and Señora Hellín took the group of cadets on an excursion to a city named SigSig! There, we toured the city and learned about its history.  We visited a Hat Factory that manufactured Authentic Panama hats.  Afterwards, we visited the Cuenca Museum.  There, we learned a lot about Cuenca including, the importance of the history of Cuenca, and its impact.  Afterwards, we hiked up the Cacas Mountains.  It was really cold, but I am so proud of myself for completing my first hike up a mountain.  The trip was treacherous, and I fell a couple of times.  However, it was all worth it!  Afterwards, we went to Spa Resort called "Piedra de Agua." I have never been to a Spa Resort, but this place was outstanding.  My body feels so refreshed and rejuvenated!  Finally, we ate dinner and returned to the school.  Today, my trip was very fun and interesting.  I learned a lot, but had a great time!

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