Sunday, June 26, 2016

¡Mi Viaje a Saraguro: Part 1

My time in Saraguro, Ecuador was amazing.  Learning about the Indigenous Communities in Cuenca was a refreshing and great experience.   Departing at 6:30 a.m., we spent two hours traveling through the Andes Mountains.  It seemed like eternity to reach our destination, but two hours later, we arrived in Saraguro.  There, we learned about the customs and traditions of the Indigenous people.  It is fascinating how different the indigenous people live than the Ecuatorianos in the city.  Without many resources,  the indigenous people have to work very hard just to make ends meet.  However, they accomplish so many goals and maintain their traditional roots.  One amazing experience I had with the indigenous people was when our group observed the sacred prayer session.  During that session,  a man blessed us with spirit potion, a juice that apparently removes negative spirits around you.  Then, I had the chance to drink another juice that was suppose to heal my body and remove all the bad spirits in my life.  Being able to experience this was very interesting because one gets to see how other people worship.  Other than this, my experience in Saraguro was great for the first day.  Later that night, we listened to a local Indigenous band and got our groove on!  Overall, the first day was great and worth it.  We learned so much, but enjoyed every minute of it!

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