Friday, June 24, 2016

¡Nuestro Tiempo Libre!

Gosh!  My time here in Cuenca, Ecuador is almost coming to an end.  During my time in this glorious city, I have spent time doing the following: learning and improving my Spanish in the classroom, participating in excursions, and attending Spanish/Dance class.  With a busy schedule, I have not had a lot of free time time to explore Cuenca on my own.  Today, I did just that! With friends, we ventured out and started to explore what Cuenca had to offer us.  As we were exploring, I started to find graffiti art.  At times, this art is seen as vandalism, but grafitti is beauty in disguise. It shows talent, skill, and creativity.  Next, we found a recreational park on top of a mountain.  There was different activities including: a swing that would swing of a cliff, a bougie cord, a zip-line, and much more. My favorite activity was the swing.  The swing would swing off a cliff allowing me to get a glimpse of the whole city.  The first drop was frightening, but worth it.  Being able swing over a cliff and getting a great glimpse of the city, was a defining moment.  After the swing, I went on a zip-line and enjoyed the rest of my time with friends.  Today was a great day because I was able to explore more about Cuenca with friends by my side.  Time is winding down, but I know Cuenca has more to offer before I leave.

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