Tuesday, June 14, 2016

¡Regalos para Mi Familia!

Wow! I am in the middle of week two in Cuenca, Ecuador.  Everything is great and my Spanish is improving significantly.  Today, my friends and I went to "La Plaza de San Francisco." This famous site is a place full of various clothing stores and food vendors.  I cannot even remember the number of stores I visited.  There are a number of clothing, shoes, arts/crafts, ceramics, textiles, and jewelry stores around every corner.  In addition to these stores, the prices are very cheap.  As a matter of fact, everything in Cuenca, Ecuador is cheap.  A cone of ice cream is twenty-five cent, a glass of merlot red wine is three dollars, and one can usually buy lunch for under five dollars! MAS BARATO! I think I spent nearly $200 dollars already, but one cannot beat the bargain here.  Therefore, I have a lot of souvenirs to bring back home.  I have hats for uncle and aunts, scarfs for my grandmother, two ponchos for my sister and mother, a wallet for my stepfather, and drinking cup for my cousin.  The prices were cheap therefore, I was able to purchase many things for my family.  This is great because these people contributed money to my trip. Therefore, I am grateful for my family and I hope they like the gifts that I bought for them!

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