Sunday, August 28, 2016

¡Mi Pensamiento Final!

Books, Binders, Notebooks, and Pencils! Good bye Summer, school is now in session.  As I think about my summer, I cannot stop reminiscing about my Study Abroad Trip to Cuenca, Ecuador.  My heart lights up with joy knowing that I had the chance to travel to another country.  Not only did I  immerse myself into the Spanish culture, but the adventure opened my eyes and made me more humble.  Overall, the trip was an adventure for a lifetime.  Along with taking my two required classes,  I participated in many excursions.  I went on exciting  hikes with my classmates, visited indigenous communities, took cooking/ dancing, toured the natural hot springs, and during my leisure time, spent time within the community. I loved every part of my adventure, but the trip had a huge impact on me.  

The one lesson I learned is that I need to be thankful for everything in life.  I did not realize how great my life was until, I opened my eyes to a new world.  For example, I remember walking to my host family's house and I saw a man washing his clothes in the river that runs throughout the city.  Back at home, that would be an easy task by throwing the clothes in the washing machine.  However, in cold temperatures, this man is trying his best to clean clothes.  I can also remember seeing a man sleep under a bridge.  Back at home, I had roof over my head and a bed to sleep in.  It was in these moments I realized that I should never complain about anything in my life.  As fas as I know it, I have everything that I need in my life.   Overall, I highly suggest that any student study abroad in another country.  It is fun, productive, worth wild, but also uplifting and humbling at the same time. Being immersed in the culture will not only help learn you the language faster, but will help you as a person grow into a culturally competent individual. 

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